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We stock a huge range of Skinner's Dog food, field and trial range at competitive prices including

  • Field & Trial Maintenance
  • Field & Trial Maintenance Plus
  • Field & Trial Duck & Rice
  • Field & Trial Chicken & Rice
  •  Field & Trial Lamb & Rice
  • Field & Trial Salmon & Rice
  • Field & Trial Turkey 
  •  Field & Trial Puppy / Junior - in a range of flavours
  • Field & Trial Working 23 / 26
  •  Field & Trial Muesli
  • Field & Trial Light & Senior
  • Field & Trial Grain Free
We carry large quantities of all of the above in both large and small bags.  We also stock the Wet food range and can order the other options such as Get Out & Go too. 


We carry large volumes of these feeds as they are so popular! 

* Silver - Beef & Chicken

* Titanium

* Gold

* Grain Free

* Puppy

* Arkwrights - Chicken & Beef varieties 


We carry a wide range of Arden Grange Dog foods in small and large bags plus some of their tinned varieties too


Small and Large bags available across the range of flavours, including the Large breed, Senior and Small Dog options.  We also carry the Wet Mixed packs too


We carry the large and small bags of Chappie plus their tinned varieties


We carry in stock:

  • Natural Instinct;
  • Benyfit Natural; 
  • Natures Menu  
We do also have access to a range of other raw feed diets so please ask in store for details if you would like us to see if we can get the one you require.

Spare storage capacity for Freezer products is not as available as for our dry foods so please ask if you do not see what you want in the display freezers on the shop floor.  Sorry we cannot hold frozen food items for you to collect at a later date due to freezer space. 

We also carry in stock 

* Pedigree 

* Winalot Tins

* Butchers Tins

* Breederpack 

Ask in store for more info if you do not see what you are looking for - Lots of other brands and feeds are available to order in

We can also deliver your dog food locally with our friendly  Pet Van Delivery Service 

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